A wind turbine is a mechanical system that rotates by the power of the wind. The system comprises an electrical generator, which then transforms the rotary movement into electrical energy.

  • Vertical wind turbines are not significantly affected by building turbulence.
  • Vertical wind turbines rotate without stopping, even when the wind direction changes.
  • They are quieter.
  • They wind asserts much less mechanical load on them due to lower windpressure.
  • Mechanical and electrical wear is less.
  • Their design means that they can better co-exist amongst buildings and nature more.

The Olympus 1.5kW is the only vertical wind turbine globally that features a steady axle. It features a patented system of inhibition over speed flaps (read more here), which makes it possible for the wind turbine to operate at even higher wind speeds. It is also equipped with a vibration sensor, emergency stop button and conductor speed sensor. With this triple security, the Olympus 1.5kW is one of the safest small vertical wind turbines on the market. 

The Olympus1.5kW can be mounted either on the ground or on the roof of a house. For more information please contact us or with your nearest distributor.

Before considering the installation of a wind turbine, wind speed measurements, in particular the average wind speed, need to be taken using a wind meter in the area where you’d like to install it. Contact us or your nearest distributor to buy a wind meter.

The Olympus wind turbine does produce some level of noise, but it is always lower than the noise that wind itself produces.

Olympus series can last years without servicing due to its grounding construction. However, every  years a preventive check should be made and also the lower bearing should be greased by an expert.

Yes, you can. That way you save the energy produced by the wind turbine and you can use it when you need it. The precondition is to use the correct batteries. This type of connection is called off-grid.

ATTENTION. You should first conduct an energy usage study and after that choose the right batteries.

Yes, you can. That way you save energy. This type of connection is called on-grid.

No, you can’t, under any circumstances. The Olympus 1.5kW wind turbine comes with a unique controller system that has its own software. This software regulates the wind turbine regarding the power production and its security systems.

Yes, you can. The precondition is that the inverter should have characteristics that meet with the controller’s requirements. Contact us for more information.